Cookie  Policy

  1. What’s a Cookie?
    A Cookie is a small data file that the website collects and stores on your browser for the duration of your visit – and in some case for longer until it expires naturally (typically within a few weeks – but could be as much as 12months), or is deleted by you the user clearing your browser history/cache. Modern browsers have functions built in that can do this automatically every time you close the browser should you wish to use that option.
  2. What are they for?
    1. Some Cookies allow the website to function properly and are essential for that purpose – in order to allow you to move from page to page smoothly and interruption free and things such as Contact Forms to function. Because these Cookies are essential to the operation of the website, they do not require additional consent from the website visitor in order to function. Plus, somewhat ironically – the Banner Notice at the bottom of the site pertaining to Cookies – needs a Cookie to function.
    2. Other Cookies are for collecting website traffic statistics which are important to help the website owner to make the site and it’s content better for the visitor, these Cookies are often provided by third parties like Google Analytics or other visitor tracking services. On this website They do not collect any Personal Identifiable Information and therefore the information they collect is Completely Anonymous. This can include information about the region of the world the visitor is located, the duration of the visit, the pages visited during that visit, the method of arrival to the website (via a search engine, social media link or other link), the browser and O/S of the visitor and whether it was a desktop or smartphone/tablet. Please note: At present this website does not utilise traffic monitoring services.
  3. Can I be identified with this information?
    In short, No. It is impossible to detect an individual from any of the website traffic data collected as the visitor’s IP address (your devices ID on the internet) is permanently anonymized before the data is delivered to the visitor tracking service to collate the information. Also, even if this data was not anonymized – because the data is collated into statistics – it would still be impossible to identify a specific individual from the resulting website traffic information. Because of this anonymization these Cookies already comply with the GDPR and therefore do not require additional consent from the website visitor in order to function.
  4. Any other Cookies?
    This website does not use any superfluous or other Cookies for Advertising, Marketing etc. purposes and therefore does not require an ‘Opt-In’ function at your first point of access to the website.